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About Mincher Lockett Opticians

Our Stafford practice was first opened in 1969 by Peter Mincher-Lockett, who was later joined in the business by his wife, Jennifer.  The practice is still run from its original site in Stafford Street, though it has been extended since it was taken over in 2006, when the Mincher-Locketts decided to retire from Stafford.
Mincher Lockett Stafford & Gnosall practices
Sarah Edge, who for nearly 20 years had been working for the business as a dispensing optician and contact lens optician, took over the practice along with optometrist, Jan Goodwin, who had lived and worked in the area for 10 years.  They formed Goodwin and Edge Ltd, and took charge of the business in July, 2006.
Mincher Lockett Stafford & Gnosall practices
Since then, Sarah and Jan have made some significant improvements, including extending into neighbouring premises.  Now boasting two well-equipped consulting rooms, and more room to display frames, the practice is able to offer a wider range of services, and a number of additional tests, such as retinal photography, visual field screening and macular pigment screening.
Mincher Lockett Jan Goodwin and Sarah Edge
The frame and lens range has also been extended and modernised, and further investment has been made in modern sight-testing equipment.

Peter and Jennifer opened their practice in Gnosall, the village where they lived, a few years after establishing the Stafford one.

The Station Road practice took up the ground floor of the old forge,  with a workshop upstairs, which was eventually moved to its own building at the rear of the practice, and has developed a strong reputation over the years for its speed and efficiency in both making and repairing spectacles.

Sarah and Jan took over the business in May 2011, when the Mincher-Locketts retired, bringing with them the same ambition and vision with which they took over the reins in Stafford, and a strong commitment to offer the best possible eye care.

Adding an extra optician to the team has allowed the practice to extend the amount eye-testing appointments if offers, and the range of specialist services has also increased dramatically.

Meet the team

Stafford practice

Jan Goodwin - Optometrist
Jan Goodwin - Optometrist (Ophthalmic optician)
Jan carries out the majority of eye examinations at Mincher-Lockett Opticians and prescribes the appropriate eye care for patients.

Jan qualified as an optometrist, the modern term for ophthalmic optician, in 1989 after completing a degree in optometry from Aston University in Birmingham. She joined Mincher-Lockett as a partner in July 2006 and is a member of the British College of Optometrists.

Sarah Edge - Dispensing optician
Sarah Edge - Dispensing optician and contact lens optician
Sarah advises customers on the best frames and lenses and helps patients to ensure they get the best fitting. She also carries out the majority of contact lens fitting at the practice.

Sarah started her career in an opticians in 1977, qualifying as a dispensing optician in 1981. She also has more than 20 years experience in fitting all types of contact lenses.

She has worked at Mincher-Lockett Opticians since 1985, becoming a partner with Jan in July 2006.

Lynn Hadley - Receptionist
Lynn Hadley - Receptionist
Lynn joined Mincher-Lockett Opticians in June 2006 and conducts pre-examination screening for clients.

Emma Cochrane - Receptionist
Emma Cochrane - Receptionist
Emma joined us as a receptionist at our Stafford practice in October 2011, and is to train as a clinical assitant.

Sue Simkin - Optometric clinical assistant
Sue Simkin - Optometric clinical assistant
Sue joined the team in 1999 and qualified as an optometric clinical assistant in 2001.

Recent training has led to Sue acquiring more specialist knowledge of frames and lenses.

Suzanne Nickless - Optometric Clinical Assistant
Suzanne Nickless - Optometric clinical assistant
Suzanne joined Mincher Lockett Opticians in August 2004, and went on to qualify as an optometric clinical assistant in 2007.

Anne Shrimpton - Optometric Clinical Assistant
Anne Shrimpton - Dispensing Optician
Anne joined Mincher-Lockett Opticians in February 2005 and qualified as an optometric clinical assistant in 2007. She qualified as a dispensing optician in 2011 after studying whilst working with us.

Paul Lee - Optician
Paul Lee - Optician
Paul joined us in July 2011, having worked at a practice in North Staffs for some years. He began his optical career in Stafford, and so was delighted to join Mincher Lockett Opticians and return to the town.  He is an optician with many years' experience, and divides his time between our Gnosall and Stafford practices.

Gnosall practice

David Garside - Manager
David Garside - Manager
David is manager of our workshop in Gnosall. He has been with us since 1984.

Ann Garside - Clinical Assistant
Ann Garside - Clinical assistant
Ann has been with the company since 1985, and is a clinical assistant at our Gnosall practice.

Helen Bundy - Clinical Assistant
Helen Bundy - Clinical assistant
Helen is a clinical assistant at Gnosall, who has worked for Mincher-Lockett since 1996

Joan Littleton - Receptionist
Joan Littleton - Receptionist
Joan is a receptionist and workshop assistant who has been with us since May 2000.