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Contact lenses

Mincher-Lockett Opticians is a specialist contact lens centre providing comprehensive advice on the best fitting contact lenses for your eyes.

We offer an extensive range of contact lenses, from daily disposables to continuous wear soft lenses and also rigid gas permeable.

We will advise you on the most suitable lenses for your vision and your lifestyle, from a range of manufacturers including Johnson and Johnson (Acuvue), Bausch and Lomb, Coopervision and David Thomas.

Our qualified and experienced staff will show wearers easy and safe methods of inserting and removing their lenses and ensure that new lens users are sure of their lens care.

We often find that people who have not been able to wear contact lenses in the past can be successfully fitted with contacts using the more up-to-date types of lenses now available. There are new contact lenses now to solve the problem of reduced near vision focussing with increasing age.

We can advise you on the correct combination of glasses and contact lenses to suit your lifestyle.

We provide a full range of after care, not only for our own patients but also those who have previously been fitted elsewhere, to check your contact lenses are the most suitable for your vision.

Regular aftercare visits are necessary to ensure that your contact lenses remain the most suitable for your ocular health and your visual requirements.

Specialist contact lens fitting

We offer specialist contact lens fitting for a range of eye conditions, including keratoconus - see glossary of terms. We are happy to fit contact lenses to patients who have been referred to us from medical consultants.

Direct debit and replacement plans
We offer a direct debit plan to manage your payments more easily.

Our easy replacement plan will ensure that you are always reminded to reorder your contact lenses to ensure you always have a sufficient supply.